MediAware project is shaped with the goal to foster competences for advancing active citizenship by detecting and tackling misinformation and fake news using dialogical and empowering methods addressed to users (Educators) and beneficiaries (adults).

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Funding program

Erasmus+ KA2. Strategic partnership - Adult education

Project funding

Project duration

01/01/20221 - 01/07/2024

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Misinformation and fake news have existed since the dawn of time, but the advent of social networks and the digitalisation of our societies has undeniably changed the way citizens receive, share and absorb information. And in the public debate, the truth is losing ground to the beliefs and emotions aroused by the emergence of misleading stories that have gone viral.

MediAware project will implement the following activities:

1. Design and development of three intellectual outputs (IOs) about misinformation, fake news and active citizenship: a Handbook, a Training kit and a e-Learning Hub

2. Pilot and test the above IOs in the six partnership countries with educators (at least 35) and adult learners (at least 105)

3. Disseminate and share the project results with a large panel of users (educators), beneficiaries (learners) and organisations active in adult’s formal, informal and non-formal training settings (at least 1.000 people to be reached)

4. In addition to these specific activities, transversal ones will be also implemented, namely planning, coordination and management, evaluation of the project, as well as dissemination and exploitation of its results and intellectual outputs.


CFL Söderhamn – SE – as promoter

Forum Citoyens – Burgers – BE

Innovation Training Center – ES

IASIS Greece – GR

Future In Perspective Limited – IE

OÜ Vestifex – Estonia