We manage and develop innovation projects.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field. We provide our clients with real, feasible and profitable project proposals.

Work areas

Project Management

Coordination and writing of the project proposal, execution, development, control and technical-economic justification.

Product Engineering

Conceptual and detailed design for product creation, engineering, industrial design and prototype manufacturing.

Education and training

Design and development of modules and training courses, innovation in e-learning and collaboration.

Entrepreneurship and business management

Business model and plan, marketing and commercialization, innovation management, career and professional development.

The mission of Innovation Training Center is to develop innovative projects in the areas of education, training, industrial design, engineering, technology, culture and employment.


ETHIKAS aims at supporting migrant women social and sustainable entrepreneurship via human centred approaches.
El objetivo de Circular FP es mejorar la capacitación e incorporación del alumnado de formación profesional al entorno laboral de la economía circular a través del desarrollo de materiales y metodología innovadores involucrando alumnos y profesores en el proceso de co-diseño y co-creación.
FENIX aims to contribute to fostering the resilience of European enterprises and their workers, through the development of an innovative gamified training experience, a guideline to support the implementation of systemic Resilience practices within enterprises and an online crash course on Adaptative Management.

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