We manage and develop innovation projects.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field. We provide our clients with real, feasible and profitable project proposals.

Work areas

Project Management

Coordination and writing of the project proposal, execution, development, control and technical-economic justification.

Product Engineering

Conceptual and detailed design for product creation, engineering, industrial design and prototype manufacturing.

Education and training

Design and development of modules and training courses, innovation in e-learning and collaboration.

Entrepreneurship and business management

Business model and plan, marketing and commercialization, innovation management, career and professional development.

The mission of Innovation Training Center is to develop innovative projects in the areas of education, training, industrial design, engineering, technology, culture and employment.


Collaboration in the development of a towed platform for underwater vision. It has a depth sensor, temperature, distance to the bottom and navigation camera.
The EMME project aims to promote and foster the integration of migrants in the labour market, through the active involvement of companies and develops an approach based on the activity of local networks composed by key actors in the field.
Over the past years, the issue of “basic skills” has gained particular attention in most European countries. Of particular concern is what is generally called ‘functional literacy’ and ‘functional numeracy’. One of every four adults in Europe fails to reach minimum literacy levels for coping with everyday life.

16 de September de 2021

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