We help you to carry out your project

How do we do it?

Project Management

We analyze the needs, coordinate the integration and make the evaluation of the project.

Execution and development

We collaborate with our partners and clients in the technical execution and development of the project.

Control and justification

We contribute our experience in the elaboration of annual and follow-up reports.

Achieving innovative results
requires possessing the necessary skills

Work areas

Project Management

  • Project Outline
  • Proposal writing
  • Quality control and indicators
  • External evaluation of the project
  • Financial and quality reports
  • Research and surveys
  • Tests, trials and pilots
  • Project coordination
  • Communication and diffusion
  • Exploitation plan
  • Conceptual Design
  • Product creation
  • Detailed CAD design
  • Material selection
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping by 3D printing
  • Prototype manufacturing and CNC machining
  • Assembling and assembly
  • Quality and testing
  • Product Engineering

    Education and training

  • Promoting innovation in learning
  • Design and development of modules and skills training courses
  • Support to training and education organizations
  • Customized curriculum, rubrics and learning content
  • Innovation in e-learning
  • Tutoring (Coaching/Mentoring) and Collaborative Learning
  • Web-based learning platforms, e-books and digital content
  • Organization of training camps, workshops, laboratories and seminars
    • Advice on entrepreneurship
    • Advice and elaboration of the Business Plan
    • Innovation Management
    • Promoting innovation in entrepreneurship
    • HR Selection, CV writing and interview preparation
    • Career development
    • Advice on management of intellectual property rights and data protection
    • Innovation in the use of ICTs

    Entrepreneurship and business management