Design and co-creation of specific adapted training for health professionals focusing of digital competencies and eHealth.

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Erasmus+ KA2. Strategic Partnership. VET

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01/02/2022 - 31/01/2024

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The digitization of health care has long been on the European Agenda to modernize and improve healthcare and resilience across Member States; following the health impacts and the health care needs the global current pandemic has caused, OECD (Report 2020) has drawn some policy conclusions for health care provision pointing out that the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance of universal health education as a key element for the resilience of health systems, which can be issued successfully only through training and raising awareness for health professionals.

Taking this into consideration, there has been this dilemma of how best to address the integration of digital health services into vocational curricula and training adapted to labor markets.

UNIHEAL+ intends to reach the following objectives: :

  1. addressing the needs of the health professionals for further skilling, re- and upskilling, with a specific VET curriculum updated on further needs-centered skills building and adapted to labor market needs
  2. recognizing the significance of digital health services deriving also from the recent health situation/emergency and the dominance of the ICT context in personal and professional life
  3. equipping health professionals to better deliver their jobs, by digital health services training, thus improving their use of computational technologies, smart devices, communication media, etc, and, aids healthcare professionals and their patients manage illnesses, health risks, as well as promote health and wellbeing
  4. maximizing potential in their employment through the recognition of skills and qualifications due to the EQF, ECVET & ECTS units
  5. constructing well-stepped units of training, educational materials, work-based scenarios, guides for the VET educators as well Health services providers.

Coordinated by Fundacion AYESA, the partners are:


XWHY – hb Homo eminems, LT

CSI, Cyprus

Xenios polis, Greece

Prolepsis, Greece

Innovation Training Center, Spain

Source of picture: Freepik