Zoom in – Turning digital skills into start-up skills for young entrepreneurs

The purpose of the project is to transform the profile of young (grossly 18-29) as digital natives from a set of ‘lifestyle’, rudimentary, rather unstructured digital skills, to targeted, well-informed, critically evaluated and deployed skills build upon the pooling in of start-up contexts and entrepreneurial attitudes among the target group in order to boost youth entrepreneurship by developing start-ups in a digital world.

As of late 2016, according to Eurostat, youth unemployment (ages under 25) is at 18,8% in the EU28 – ten points higher than the overall unemployment rate – with the highest scores in Greece and Spain (>40%). At the same time, Europe has made its top priority to promote digital skills in many directions, within the context of the overall goal for the creation of a Digital Single Market. At the nexus of youth unemployment, the need to boost youth entrepreneurship, and the ongoing need for development of digital skills, start-ups seem to play a highly significant role, since they are vital drivers to the EU economy and European innovation, creating the most opportunities for employment.

Young (grossly 18-29), as the so called digital natives on the other hand, are supposed to be multi-tasking, having a ‘cherry-picking’ approach in managing information, are serial consumers of digital media, connected in a world of social media, they adapt to constant change, are ‘gamers’ and disruptive considering the ‘corporate’ as unsophisticated and obsolete; a perfect profile that would otherwise fit excellently the entrepreneurial attitude and mind set needed, especially so, in the case of developing a start-up in a digital world, but this is not reflected in the real world.

The project sets as specific objectives to:

  • Develop a methodological framework based on solid research, determining the optimal methodologies and training pathways that couple the start-up phases (Formation, Validation, Growth) with the appropriate knowledge.
  • Develop a modular training provision available online, fleshing out the determined training pathways into training scenarios, challenging trainees ‘digital wisdom’and adapting their digital skills
  • Organise real-life bootcamp process to pilot the training provision, intensively involving 25 young people (18-29) in 4 countries and mixing unemployed, employed, thinking of starting-up in the near future, etc.
  • Develop a assessment account with policy recommendations, further deployment prospects of the training provision.


Innovation Training Center (ITC) – Spain
WeLoveStartups – Denmark
Meet Magento Association e.V. – Germany
Knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning – Greece
Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology – Greece


Project information

Project website

EU programme

Erasmus+ KA2. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Strategic Partnerships for youth.

EU Contribution



11/2017 – 12/2019


– Youth unemployment
– Promoting entrepreneurship
– Start-up support
– Digital skills
– Digital natives
– Online learning
– Digital Wisdom

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