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This project intends to find the best ways of how to “break the glass ceiling” of access to quality IT learning and self-learning.

This project aims at women who do not have very good English skills, who lack basic knowledge of ICT terms and who have a low level of technological confidence, and offers a compensatory, mother-tongue route to learning basic IT and basic programming through mentoring, training and confidence-building measures.

The objectives of the project are: improve confidence of women in their capabilities through a training and coaching program; Enhancing digital literacy and basic coding skills of 50 disadvantaged women; Enhancing (through coding education) transversal competencies of the target group, such as creativity, interpersonal cooperation, cross-cultural cooperation, communication in a universal language, combining several concepts for problem solving, improve the clarity of expression, using ICT for learning)

In the same way you have established results that are: A transnational needs analysis report on women’s participation in coding/programming, a Curriculum for basic ICT competence development, including basic coding/programming competence, an online learning platform / competence and confidence building open education resource for introducing women to the world of coding from the very first steps, a Roadmap paper presenting ICT competence and confidence development as an empowerment tool for women, virtual video-tour in the world of role models, female IT specialists

Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum. – Romania

Innovation Training Center (ITC) – Spain
Eolas – Spain
ISQ (Instituto de soldadura e qualidade). – Portugal
Inthecity Project Development – Netherlands
Meath Partnership – Ireland
Directweb – Romania


Project information

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EU programme

Erasmus+ KA2. Adult Education

EU Contribution



11/2017 – 11/2019


– disadvantaged women
– ICT knowledge
– programming skills
– Digital skills
– Digital natives
– Online learning
– coding

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