Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program

The aim of the project “Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program”(ComBuS) is to develop a whole school program that will empower students, teachers, school staff, school leaders, and parents to combat bullying and create healthy and safe school communities, using blended (F2F, online and mobile) methodologies, tools, and activities.

ComBuS will develop and implement activities and a comprehensive anti-bullying policy and programs targeting all stakeholders in schools and their local communities. The project will involve students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and staff in a participatory and empowering manner. We aim to reach directly at least 2040 students, 480 teachers, 120 school leaders, 120 school staff and 600 parents in the 6 partner countries, while more than 10000 members of the abovementioned target groups, from all EU, will be reached via implementation and dissemination activities. Our project proposal envisions a blended approach to fighting bullying in face-to-face, online and mobile encounters including experiential workshops, online learning platforms, networking sites and mobile applications.

Recent research has shed light on the multifaceted and pervasive nature of bullying in school contexts (Olweus & Limber, 2007; Craig & Harel 2004), its linkages with antisocial and criminal behaviour, and children’s engagement with education generally (Boulton et al, 2012). In addition, recent research on Cyberbullying (Mark and Ratcliffe, 2011) has shown that bullying remains a pervasive problem which continues to plague schools and requires interventions which involve all school stakeholders, and are grounded in the curriculum.

One of the primary targets of such a program should be the school-leaders, putting them at the forefront of the anti-bullying policies and interventions.

The overall objectives of the ComBuS are to increase the capacity and raise awareness in combating bullying among the abovementioned target groups, by providing them multifunctional and multidimensional tools and practices based on the 2007 EU Guidelines on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Child that focus on combating all forms of violence against children, the EU agenda for the rights of the child, and the 2012/29/EU Directives on the rights of victims.


CARDET, Cyprus 


  • Higher Education Institution – University of Pitesti (UPIT), Romania (
  • 2 Research Centres specialized in education and social welfare :  Family and Childcare Centre (KMOP), Greece ( and Group of European Integration (GIE), Romania
  • 2 Training centres: Fo.Ri.Um. società cooperativa (FORIUM), Italy and Innovation Training Center (ITC), Spain (
  • 1 Local Community Organization: Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Ltd (MCRSDP), Ireland

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EU Programme

Daphne call – Transnational projects linked to children as victims of bullying

EU Contribution

261.695,67 €


01-10-2015 – 30-09-2017


– Bullying Prevention Program
– Healthy and safe school communities
– Blended (F2F, online and mobile) methodologies, tools, and activities
– Raise awareness in combating bullying
– Anti-bullying policies

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